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      1. California Traffic School
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        The Traffic School that is Completely Online

        Start California Traffic Safety Course
        Start our completely online traffic school course.
        After every lesson, answer easy quiz questions.

        Ticket in Alameda County?

        Getting your traffic violation dismissed by the court has never been easier! Our online traffic school is the perfect medicine to cure your speeding ticket blues. It's fast, convenient, and most of all, COURT APPROVED!
        Get Points Off Your Driving Record
        Driving Records Don

        Other Driving School Courses Offered:

        Alameda TrafficSchool Traffic Schools
        Caught driving recklessly? Made a illegal lane change? Speeding? Go to trafficschool online and get a lower price alternative to attending the long and boring traffic-school classroom setting. read more
        Alameda Drivers Ed Drivers Education
        We also have full service driving school programs. Depending where you live, meet your permit and license requirements with our California driver's ed course and behind the wheel driver's training. read more
        Alameda Traffic School Free Trial Try It Before You Buy It
        Try our course, less than the final, for free and see why we are the leader when it comes to traffic school and driver's ed online. We'll leave it up to you to make the smart choice once you've compared us to the rest! read more
        Alameda Defensive Driving Defensive Driving Traffic School
        Stay accident free by gaining driving awareness and an increasing your knowledge of driving laws and road rules. read more
        Pass final exam & state gets your completion certificate.
         Begin Free Trial!
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        Hayward Drivers Ed

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